See below for the list of Wholesalers that we carry brands from:



We give our personal guarantee that the prices quoted to your establishment are only raised if and when we receive a price increase from the wholesalers.  We provide our customers with notice on our invoice and via our monthly email newsletter. 

1.We supply all brands of beer available in the western Pennsylvania market(2,000 brands of malt), as well as many other beverages including soda, energy drinks and various waters. Also we are the Pittsburgh wholesaler for the bottle division of Republic of Tea, and the British water line Ty-nant and Tau. We are actively expanding our non alcoholic division to give clients the ease of one stop shopping for all their beverage needs. We are committed to bringing trending brands into western PA including cold brew coffees, cold pressed juice, sparkling waters and more!

2.Our establishment provides the benefits of a "one stop shop" service. The one stop shopping service also provides your company and staff a cost effective way to order beverages by calling one establishment.  To meet the individual needs of our clients, we support orders via phone, fax, or email, which allows our customers the flexibility to choose the easiest and most efficient way to order. 

3. Currently, Brentwood Distributing is the only "D" distriubutor to produce an email newsletter for our customers. The newsletter lets our customers know such things as seasonal crafts, new products in the market, price promotions, etc.


4. We provide a non-biased consulting service. If you are looking to redo or create your bottle or draft list, we can help.  We create top selling lists every year of the best selling draft and bottles. We are always happy to consult with our customers to create a beer menu that is beneficial to your establishment.  With over 57 years in business we have our pulse on the most trending beer brands in the Pittsburgh and surrounding area markets. 


5. By working with our company, brand representives are still avaliable to provide optimal coverage. Brentwood Distributing acts as the liason between your establishment and the brand representives. If you need tap handles, new couplers, etc. we will go through the apporiate channels for you; thus eliminating your need to place serveral phone calls. 

6. We want our customers to know that we have quality and honest drivers and helpers in your establishment when we make a delivery.


7. Brentwood Distributing is a service-oriented company that enables our customers to streamline their ordering process, and receive qualtity service. 

Why choose brentwood distributing to be your delivery service?

about us

Family owned and operated

Brentwood Distributing has been family owned and operated for over 57 years.  Brentwood Distributing started out as a small family operation with founder Fred Dangelo Sr. in 1956.  Son, Fred Dangelo Jr. and daughter Debra Strittmatter continued to grow and expand the business over the years, specializing in delivering the tavern and restaurant sector. With the help of Fred's daughter, Michelle Bertolino Dangelo, Brentwood Distributing continues to strive to give  customers outstanding quality and honest delivery service. Michelle is also bringing Brentwood Distributing in the future by giving our customers more options for ordering as well as creating and maintaining social media aspects.  We maintain a heart-felt family value; in which every customer means the world to us. 

we carry over 2,000 brands of brews and non alcholic products

  • Fuhrer Eagle Sales and Service 
  • Fuhrer Wholesale
  • Galli Distributing       
  • Nevulis Beverage: these brands exclusively distributed by Brentwood Distributing
  • Tony Savatt
  • Wilson McGinley
  • Vecenie Distributing
  • Liquid Ice
  • Natrona Bottling: Red Ribbon Products
  • Red Bull


  • Vintage Imports: Republic of Tea and Tynant & Tau water brands 
  • Flight Energy Tea
  • Lumi Cold press Juice
  • Stumptown Coffee Roasters(cold brew products)
  • Allegheny coffee Roaster(cold brew)
  • Robust Energy Drink